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[ 英訳 #3 ] どこにでもある唄。二宮和也 of 嵐

 どこにでもある唄。(Vocal: 二宮和也)
Album: Beautiful World

What is correct and, what is a mistake
Therefore it’s alright. What, I said it  ------------------------(I have no idea! )

Since those words will erase me. Since that is the most scary thing

I cry out with all my might. In order to prove I’m here
We are not that weak, but neither are we strong
So it’s alright to cry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of
Because tomorrow only someone can do it, signal tomorrow  ----------------------------------------(Once again…what?)

Cry, wish, fail, and cry again
You are just like an adult…

Afraid to get your feelings hurt. Enduring the continuous crying, you become unable to laugh
Noticing that you are alone and afraid
That time, you gave up. Your voice was so painfully tender.
You were crying. Because of that I called you a ‘Cry baby’
You said something like, “You are too” and became more at ease. Laughed.
Like always, jokingly messing around. Just like old times, wouldn’t you say?
I tightly grasp on to that moment

Look, breath in and out. You are alive
Walking step by step. Just that is good…
It’s fine. We’re always here.
So, confess everything and see, it’s ok to say your heart is swelling ---------------------------(????)
“That is us.”

Forever, and ever, and ever…


There are always hard parts to translate. ><
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